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Welcome to the CytraX, a hub for information about CytraX Stuff

The Team

CytraX is a small team of NeosVR users, currently our members are:

  • RaithSphere - Team Leader
  • MattyK - Builder
  • Zandario - LogiX

Our Worlds

We have created several worlds in NeosVR for the community to enjoy and use, click the NeosDB link will cause NeosVR to launch and open the world

  • The CytraX Pool - Our primary world and most recent [NeosDB].
  • CytraX Plaza - [NeosDB]
  • Chillout Loft - [NeosDB]
  • Swimming Pool System and Showcase World - [NeosDB]
  • Parkour Park Redux - [NeosDB] - While this world wasn't created by CytraX, it is still a world that was managed/created by MattyK for the MMC